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Are you fed up with the world of mass produced goods and dull things around you? Would you like to be closer to nature? We offer natural and environmentally friendly  products with individual  features, hand-made and, therefore, with a soul. Please get acquainted with the world of “Naturami”.

We offer both practical things necessary in daily use, and delightful masterpieces created by artists, bringing pride to their owners. We are convinced that you can easily find in our wide offer something interesting and attractive which meets your expectations and needs.

Our company had been established in 1995. We have been on the market of environmentally friendly goods for 5 years. The introduction of the name of “Naturami” begins the new era in the development of our company. We have decided to make changes which – as we feel - help us to improve our marketing image and let us be recognized as a manufacturer who is working in harmony with nature and its renewable resources. We reckon that our products will meet the expectations of both our present and new customers who value the natural charm and unforgettable features of our products.

In the era of globalisation, advanced technologies and mass production, we would really like to encourage you to consider our hand-made products, made of fully renewable natural resources like willow, hazel or birch. We employ the best basketmakers and we cooperate with local manufacturers, artists and sculptors as well. Thanks to our activities we support the process of recovering the dying professions.

Willow and willow products are our main range. However, we offer plenty of items made of hazel, birch and wood, which complete our assortment. These can be made as standard products, at standardized shapes and sizes. Nevertheless, we are always eager to hear from our customers about a bespoke design, completely unique and made to measure. All our products are made by craftsmen who gained their skills through the years of work. Therefore, we can guarantee the highest quality and durability.

Our main goal is to deliver environmentally friendly products, made of natural materials, unique with their individuality and beauty.

We would like to thank you very much for spending your time on our website. If you need more detailed information about particular products, orders and sales terms, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is always eager to assist you and ready to find best solutions according to your requirements and wishes.

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